Energy savings solutions

The vision of Soletek is to become an ESCO (energy service company) guaranteeing energy savings to our customers.

We provide smart combined heating systems based on renewable energysources to private homes, apartment houses, industry and local governments.

The alternative solution for the current district heating in cooperation with the municipalities is feasible!

Economical heating systems

Heating often takes up a large proportion in municipality budgets, household spending and company costs. With clever heating systems, it is possible to economise expenditures noticeably. Smart Heat will help you do that.

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Flexible combining of heating sources

Smart Heat is a platform developed for district heating areas and individual buildings. It allows one to flexibly combine heating sources and results in actual monetary saving.

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Based on EU energy and climate policy

Smart Heat draws from EU energy and climate policy, including its energy efficiency directive.

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Smart Heat solutions in Kärla

Smart Heat is currently being developed in the small town of Kärla in Saaremaa where it controls five municipal buildings and three blocks of flats.

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In combination of several energy efficiency measures heating costs down by 3-4 times

As part of the project Smart Heat a study was commissioned from Enefant OÜ related to simulations of energy costs based on buildings in Kärla parish. In simulations different measures were combined like replacement of heating source and mode, insulation of buildings, electricity consumption based on spot price, heat demand management based on room usage, replacement of ventilation systems. At the same time the internal air quality  requirements shall be met which is especially important in case of the school and kindergarten buildings.

The aim of the study was to calculate the energy savings and monetary savings resulting from executing different energy efficiency measures. One of the main focus was to evaluate the impact of raising and lowering the heating temperatures. Simulations were done for kindergarten, school and one apartment building. It appeared that short-term overheating had only minor monetary impact. Remarkable energy and monetary effects could be achieved by lowering the room temperatures during the time periods when rooms are not in use.

Kärla’s public buildings like school and kindergarten have in recent years gone through renovation thus being relatively energy efficient. But additional measures can further decrease the heating costs in a range of 60% compared to the current situation. Major effects would result from replacing current oil-based district heating with geothermal heating, from spot price based electricity consumption of heat pumps and from heat consumption management based on usage of the rooms. Even if the heating source would not be replaced still the consumption management measures would contribute to monetary savings in a range of 40%.

Kärla’s three apartment buildings are still energy inefficient. Renovation works related to insulation and replacement of the windows and doors should be of highest priority. Simulations based on one of the buildings indicated that renovation works and transiting from district heating to geothermal heating would decrease heating costs as much as 78%.

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